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Since 1949 IMOVILLI POMPE specialized in the designing, development and manufacturing of diaphragm, plunger pumps and agriculture spray pump for plant and crop protection sprayers.

With over sixty years of serving the industry as performance leaders, IMOVILLI POMPE has fostered an impressive background of technical and practical know-how to the exclusive benefit of its clients world-wide. In addition to the traditional agricultural applications, IMOVILLI POMPE products are currently used for:

  • Professional agricultural / horticulture spraying application

  • Greenhouses care, horticultural, nurseries

  • Hobby & garden

  • Pest control, disinfecting and sanitizing of buildings and environmental control

The Company is located in Reggio Emilia, Italy, in the heart of a technically advanced and strongly specialized productive region. This provides access to parts and components of high technological content and certified quality.

Benefits of ImoVillI Pompe Spray Pumps

Durability: This krishi spray pump is built with robust and corrosion-resistant materials that ensures long-lasting performance, season after season.

Efficiency: Powerful yet fuel-efficient engines maximize productivity and minimize operating costs.

Precision: Advanced pump technology delivers consistent pressure and flow for accurate and uniform spray application.

Versatility: A wide range of agriculture spray pump configurations and accessory options caters to diverse spraying needs and crops.

User-friendliness: Ergonomic designs and intuitive controls prioritize operator comfort and ease of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our spray pumps are a versatile tool used for applying liquids in a controlled and efficient manner. It works by drawing liquid from a tank and then forcefully pushing it through a nozzle, creating a spray that can be directed towards a specific area.

You must consider the below factors like:

  • The size of your operation
  • Types of crops
  • Spraying tasks
  • Required pressure and flow rate
  • Desired portability

Clean it regularly: After each use, thoroughly rinse the nozzle with clean water to remove any residue of chemicals or fertilizers. Soak the nozzle in a mild cleaning solution if needed.

Do thorough inspection: Regularly check the nozzle for any clogs, cracks, or wear and tear. Replace damaged nozzles immediately to ensure proper spraying and prevent leaks.

Try filtering : Use a high-quality mesh filter in your spray tank to prevent debris from clogging the nozzle.

Use lubrication: Certain nozzles may require occasional lubrication with a light oil, refer to the specific nozzle manual for details.